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"Local Inspiration"
Honored to be featured in an exhibit at the O'Hanlon Gallery. On display "Hot Tub Nation" a pencil piece driven by Kris Malone's novel The Sexy Electrician's Manual. A tale of love and joy in the lupine hills of Marin. Juried by Natasha Boas, a bright and righteous voice in the art world with love for the Bay Area.

Hot Tub Nation

Hot Tub Nation  (11" x 15")

"Summer of Love" (2020)

Photo spread with designer Alison Muir featuring art from the "Summer of Love - Trading Cards"

"Thirteen of Cups" (2019)

Chap book release with native illustrations.
Collaboration with writer Kris Malone Grossman.

Octopus Literary Salon

"Sneak Peek" (2019)
Love drawings and reading from The Sexy Electrician's Manual. 
Collaboration with writer Kris Malone Grossman
Studio Muir

"Janus Clown" (2018)

Collages for FUZZ Magazine No. 7.
Collaboration with Phil Goldwhite.

"Figures" (2018)
Silkscreen series with wounded toy soldiers and other emotional plastic.
Collaboration with Phil Goldwhite.
Park Life Gallery

"Swatch Sticker Bowie Fail” (2018)
Silkscreen for "Ear Candy" curated by Marcel DeJure.
Collaboration with Phil Goldwhite.
Hive Gallery

"Summer of Love Trading Cards" (2017)
Poster series celebrating 50th Anniversary of The Summer of Love.
Collaboration with Kate Haug
San Francisco Arts Commission

"Bikebomb" (2017)
Fuse toner print for "Office Hours" exhibition.
Collaboration with
Phil Goldwhite.
Main Museum

"News Today" (2016)
Maquette of "Resurrection City" during the Poor People's Campaign.
Commissioned by
Kate Haug.

Irving Street Projects

Museum of Capitalism

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