The sports show for people that don’t care about sports.. and those that do. Join Maggie and Randy as they confront hot studio lights, alternative facts, and themselves. Presented by Light Rail Studios.


Episode 1 - "The Horrors of Wrestling"
Are Canadians smarter?
Is wrestling real?
Chihuahua soccer!


Episode 2 - "Was Pete rose a Bruin?"
Who rage broke the Playstation?
Why is Brian going through my purse?
Why is Maggie so shiny?


Episode 3 - "Dirty Ain't Cheating"
Are fouls simply part of the game?
When do you give an empathy goal?
Introduction to basebrawl!


Episode 4 - "Controller Thrower"
Who’s a big baby?
Are video games a sport?
Can chess destroy a friendship?


Episode 5 - "El Show"
Which hole in disc golf is good for puffing hay?
Who won the spelling bee?
Is Anacin a miracle cure?


Live Stream - "Season Special"
Watch a live stream broadcast of the first season Diet Sports.
Sneeze guards, cranky calls, guest appearances, and endless movie magic!

A series of movies with the universal themes of fate and bad choices. Actors were tricked in to camping in a remote desert so they couldn't leave set and stayed in character. These movies were made with no money and no consideration for young audiences. Enjoy.


"Lone Wolf"
Life in a bike club is different. Johnny struggles to find himself under the shadow of his older brother Goose.


"I Ride for Satan"
Cindy and the girls make a wrong turn in the middle of nowhere. Tough choices lie ahead on the highway to hell.


"Brothers in the Wind"
A pair of outcast bikers head for freedom in Mexico. The best of plans meet their fate on the open road.